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A stuffing box is an assembly which is used to house a gland seal. It is used to prevent leakage of flui such as water or steam, between sliding or turning parts of machine elements. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant stuffing box gland – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises.

Traductions en contexte de stuffing box en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : ballot box stuffing, stuffing box packing, ballot-box stuffing. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Stuffing box definition: a small chamber in which an annular packing is compressed around a reciprocating or. Ninety percent of all sailboats with auxiliary inboard engines have a flexible stuffing box with traditional packing gland that usually goes unattended until it begins to . Choosing the correct packing for your stuffing box is also important. As mentione the packing is compressed by the packing gland until it pushes up against the rotating propeller shaft thus causing friction. Using the correct packing is important, we recommend our Ultra X packing made specifically for stuffing box. Service Your Stuffing Box.

Maintain this gland around the prop shaft to keep leaks at bay. Fiber packing is wrapped around the prop shaft inside the packing nut.

The packing nut is then tightened and . If your boat has inboard power, odds are it is fitted with a stuffing box to provide a watertight seal for the propeller shaft. Stuffing boxes are also used to seal rudder stocks that penetrate the hull below the waterline. In principle a stuffing box is identical to the packing nut on a . One of the most overlooked preventive maintenance tasks is to change the stuffing box packing annually. Adjust or repack the propeller shaft stuffing box to stop excessive dripping.

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If this plan be adopted the lines on the valve rod should not be defined by centre- punch marks, for they will cut the packing in the stuffing box. A large gear pump is located in the lowest point of the oil sump, and being submerged at all times with oil, does away with troublesome stuffing boxes and check valves . The stuffing box is a critical part of the boat. It allows a driveshaft to spin through the hull without allowing water to pour into the vessel.

These units are often deep down in the boat, behind the engine and with limited access. On many sailboats it is often under the cockpit with side access through a locker . Recently I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation on stuffing box design.

The speaker mentioned that an ideal stuffing box contains rings of packing and that deeper stuffing boxes are not preferred as only the two packing rings nearest the outside of the valve are fully compressed by the force from . Packing above this size is generally supplied in the form of finished rings molded to suit the shaft diameter and the bore of the stuffing box. A Johnson heavy-duty stuffing box is engineered and built to seal out seawater and give unmatched protection for your propulsion system. Its robust construction and precision machining gives it the ability to withstand long life at sea.

If ever there was a component aboard a boat that appeared ripe for improvement, it must be the stuffing box. In its traditional form, discussed last month, it carries out a vital role, allowing a spinning propeller shaft to pass from the inside to the outside of the hull, while keeping the water out, for the most part . Définition de stuffing – box dans le dictionnaire français en ligne. Prononciation de stuffing – box définition stuffing – box traduction stuffing – box signification stuffing – box dictionnaire stuffing – box quelle est la définition de stuffing – box.

Informations sur stuffing – box. Special parameters require special seals. So-called stuffing box packings have been tried-and-tested for extremely high temperatures and chemical resistance in pump and valve applications.

In its traditional form the conventional stuffing box , discussed last month, carries out a vital role, allowing a spinning propeller shaft to pass from the inside to the outside of the hull, while keeping the water out. It has worked well and reliably aboard thousands of recreational, commercial and military vessels . A Description of the stroke crosshead diesel engine Stuffing box showing method of construction, the scraper rings, sealing rings and garter springs.